Packing – Pro Tip

In all my years of travel I have always regretting one thing at the end of my trip: my choice of footwear.

When travelling, you are on your feet all day- far more than you are when wandering about your home town. Your normal shoes just will not do.

Normal shoes will extra, super not do if you have any kind of foot/ankle/knee/hip/back problems. I have all of the above. Gymnastics has a lot to answer for.

I’ve tried every shoe known to mankind, and found all wanting- including the dedicated walking shoes, which are underwhelming at best. Also, ugly.

I’ll let you in on a secret: there is nothing- not one little thing- you can do to avoid looking like a tourist. Just embrace it and buy a shoe that saves you from severe back pain.


(Stick with me here)


No, not the clogs- universally recognised as ugliest shoe in history.

I mean the sneakers, boat shoes, ballet flats and loafers. In fact, any of their shoes that have this inner sole:

crocs sole 2

See it?

This is basically what it looks like exposed (in the form of a flip-flop):

crocs sole flipflop

That inner sole is the most amazing, magical, springy, supportive goodness I have ever had the good fortune to walk upon.

I know they’re Crocs- and that’s a bit embarrassing, but believe me when I say: after years of spending every evening with swollen, throbbing knees and an aching, cracking back because I walked around all day in sub-par shoes; I felt not one moment of pain after two weeks of walking in Crocs.

Forget the others. Get Crocs.


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