Packing like a boss- part 2

Now you’ve got your packing list sorted it’s time to get it all in your bag.

Your luggage choice is a matter of preference. I, personally, like duffle bags on wheels.

I coughed up roughly $300 for this Crumpler beauty, and it was worth every penny.

Crumpler duffell5a

It’s worth it because 1. it’s massive 2. it’s light and 3. it’s easily recognisable on the baggage carousel.

Regardless of what bag you choose the same rules apply.

Rule 1: see your bag in thirds.

If you’re packing two people’s worth in the one bag, you want the top third for one person, bottom third for the other, the middle for shoes and stuff. That way, when you’re trying to find things- you know which end to rummage around in.

Rule 2: the heaviest, most immovable garments go in the bottom third where the wheels are.

When you tip your bag up and start rolling- everything will shift towards the bottom end, so it’s best to have heavy things like jeans, and t-shirts you don’t mind getting a bit wrinkled on that end.

Rule 3: stuff that could break, leak or scratch should go in the middle third.

Put your toiletries, make up and shoes in the middle so the clothes around them protect against bumps.

Rule 4: pack stuff inside stuff.

Fill your shoes with your socks and underwear so you’re not taking up precious space, and your shoes don’t get smushed out of shape.

If you’re packing collared shirts, put your belts inside the collar to keep the integrity.

Or, if you’re packing a cap- put belts, or bras (or both), in the crown to avoid the shape being pushed out.

If you can’t fit your jacket(s) in the bag, just wear them on to the plane and put them in the overhead locker. If you have more than one jacket you can’t fit in- put the jackets inside each other so it looks like you’re only carrying one. 🙂 sneaky!

Layered jackets (2)

It looks something like this- except you don’t have to wear them.

Rule 5: leave putting your underwear in the bag till last. There are always random pockets of space around your items. Once almost everything is packed- start shoving your underwear in any spare gap.

There will always be some left over items you need to put somewhere, like the cables for your devices and… I don’t know, make up remover wipes and hand sanitizer. Relegate an internal pocket for each item-type.

i.e. one for electronics, one for Band-Aids/wipes/sanitizer. There is nothing more irritating than having to turn you bag upside down trying to find your phone charger. If you know all electronics are in the back internal pocket- there’s no reason to unpack.

If you’re worried about your clothes creasing- roll, don’t fold. I don’t roll everything, to be honest, only dresses I don’t want to crush and dress/suit trousers. It’s a little like magic when you unfurl them and they don’t have creases!

p.s. if you get to the hotel and discover your clothes did crease- flick some water on them and hang them in the bathroom while you have a hot shower. The steam will go a long way to getting the creases out.

The last thing you need to do is get a luggage scale. It’s a funny device you tie around your bag and lift upluggage scale (read: break your back) to check the weight. You’ll need to do this before you fly or you will pay extra. I also recommend you pack it, in the event you go shopping and your bag gets heavier.

Note: if the luggage scale you buy has an in-built tape measure, make sure you put it in your checked luggage or security may rip the tape out for security purposes.


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