SIM cards- Pro Tip

The trick with SIM cards is knowing there’s no one sim that can go everywhere.M2M-SIM-Card

You with three options for mobile communications:

A: Pay for global roaming

B: Pay nothing and seek out Wifi spots

C: Buy cheap pay-as-you-go SIM cards in every country you visit

My advice is to go Option B if you’re only in the country for a couple of days, and Option C if you’re in the country for longer.


You may find in airports little stalls like Lyca Mobile, who claim to have SIMs that work everywhere. They don’t.

Here’s the deal with “International SIMs”:

  1. They cost more than you could imagine
  2. If your phone takes a mini, micro or nano-SIM (e.g. iPhones) they cut a normal-sized SIM to fit. The jagged edges of this cut SIM will get stuck in your phone and you’ll never be able to get it out again. You will have to take your phone in for service- or have the handset replaced completely.
  3. They don’t lock on to one service (i.e. 3 Mobile) in the different countries to which you travel; they hop from network to network trying to find a signal and 99.9% of the time, drop out.
  4. You will curse the day you ever coughed up money for such a blatant scam.

You may also find that providers such as Vodafone have SIM cards named something like “Holiday SIM” or “Travel SIM”, and you may think “Hooray! A SIM just for travelling!”- but you’d be wrong.

  1. It will only work in the country in which you bought it
  2. When you change countries, you will receive 100-odd texts in a language you don’t read
  3. When you try and call the help desk to see if you need to simply top up the credit- it will rattle off at you in said foreign language until you are bewildered and confused
  4. When you go in to a local Vodafone store, the staff will have no idea what you’re talking about and will inform you that SIM doesn’t work here
  5. You will curse the day you bought a second SIM that doesn’t work after Lyca Mobile ripped you off.

Don’t spend your holiday crying over money spent on dodgy SIMs.


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