The best thing about Adelaide is…

Adelaide, Adelaide, ever loving Adelaide…

I’m not sure if the photo gave it away, but there’s something special about Adelaide that makes it a must-go city.

No, it’s not the wine (though it is good), nor is it the food (*drools*).

It’s pandas.

Yeah you heard me, pandas!

Only the greatest animals to ever live!! They’re black, white, fuzzy, and uncontrollably cute! And Adelaide is the only place in the Southern Hemisphere where you can see them. Better, in fact… you can pat them. *heart-eye emoji*

I KNOW! I know, I’m freaking out all over again.

You see, I had no idea Wang Wang and Fu Ni (that’s their names) were chilling out in my very own country until my partner surprised me by getting passes into Adelaide Zoo that let us feed and pat them.

If you’d like to laugh at my over-emotional response to being told I was going to meet a panda, here’s a video:

The experience was set up to raise funds for the animals themselves and usually attracts a small group, however, because we were there in winter it was just us. (If you don’t mind the cold, maybe that could be you, too?!)

So much excitement!

The whole shebang includes seeing how their food is made, feeding the pandas by hand *squee!*, patting their great big paws as they chomp away on yummy carrots and entering their enclosures to hide food for them to find.

You’re then treated to morning tea, including pandamingtons (panda shaped lamingtons) while you watch Wang Wang and Fu Ni search for the food you hid. There is a photographer with you the whole way to capture the precious moment and afterwards, you can go for a wander around the zoo!

I’m going to be honest with you, I have no idea how much the experience costs because it was a present and I didn’t want to feel guilty about it, but I do know it’s a pretty penny and that other such experiences, i.e. feeding the Lions is much cheaper.

However much it is, though, I can say- WORTH IT! Not just because pandas are the happiest animals of all time, but because the zookeepers were incredibly kind, funny and charming people who made the whole experience exceptionally delightful.

If this was the only birthday present I got for the rest of my life, I’d be content!

Side note: if you’re in Adelaide for the weekend and in need of some scrumptious Italian food, Borsa Pasta Cucina on Grenfell street is THE place to go! For a bit of fun, sit at the bar so you can watch the fabulous chefs work.





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