The travel bug and Life insurance – a 2 part recipe for happy millennials

Friends, I’m feeling nostalgic. It’s about to be the 30th anniversary of when the travel bug first bit me, and it’s got me all wistful about the many near-misses of my adventures around the globe.

There was the time an airline lost all my luggage in England, the time I seriously injured my back tobogganing in Switzerland and the truly glorious moment I was left behind by my tour bus in a small German town. Without my passport. Or phone. Oh! And lets not forget the time I nearly fell down a cliff in Scotland!

*Wipes tear from eye* good times. Good times.

I’m thinking about this because I know I was lucky that those moments ended well, and my parents were lucky cause I never told them about the almost-became-an-illegal-alien-in-Germany thing.

Losing your bag is often the best-case scenario, the tour bus not turning around to come back and get you is bad, but just one wrong footing coming down that cliff is worse.

I have a list as long as my leg of places I want to go and things I want to see over my next 30 years of travelling. I want to go on safari in Africa, I want to hike to base camp at Mount Everest, I want to go to Antarctica! Not to mention Machu Picchu and South America, and the wild, frozen far north of Scandinavia- heck, let’s do both poles! Arctic circle, here we come! (Yes, I will sing Let It Go at the top of my voice while I’m there.)

But I keep thinking about the dirt under my fingernails as I gripped the side of that slippery cliff; how I dropped to my knees when I got to the bottom and shouted at my companion for taking us down that way. How my parents were one wet stone away from losing a daughter.

Stuff can go amazingly wrong even when you’re in the comfort of your own home, let alone in a foreign country, where you may not speak the language or know what the next step is in an emergency. I know it, because it’s gone wrong for me before and it’s basically dumb luck it wasn’t worse. Now that I have a significant other, and nieces, I realise I need to take a beat and add a step in between travel-bug-fever and booking my next big adventure; and that’s life insurance.

We all have the travel bug (why else would you be on this blog?), and we all know seeing the world is a gift. But we also have loved ones and providing for them some piece of mind while we go galavanting off into the wild blue yonder is our gift to them.

So its Pro Tip time: while you’re booking tickets and accommodation and getting your trip admin sorted, get Lifebroker.

Their website makes it easy to compare policies and find one that’s going to get you covered and out in the world exploring. Should you find it all a bit daunting (like that darn cliff!) you can always give them a call on 13 54 33 and have a chat with a specialist. Either way, they’ll help you get your ducks in a row so everyone can feel more relaxed about waving you off at the airport.

Got it? Good. *Raises glass* to the next 30 years friends, whatever they may bring!


This article is general advice only; and brought to you by Lifebroker .


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