I am an avid traveller.

I know people say that- but I’m like a shark not being able to stop swimming. If I stop travelling, I die (on the inside).

I’m one of those lucky people who’s parents could and would show their children the world; so I’ve been pursuing this obsession of mine since I was 2.

26 years on, I’ve somewhat lost count of all the countries to which I’ve been (must remember to work that out!), the travel bug has never died in me, and I thoroughly wish this could somehow be my job. You know, professional traveller. Why isn’t that a thing?

I’ve backpacked, I’ve generously budgeted, I’ve travelled in luxury; I’ve travelled alone, I’ve travelled with my partner, I’ve travelled with family. I’ve done tours, I’ve done research, I’ve made it up as I go along…

Basically, what I write about here comes from experience. I’m not guessing- I’ve done it.

There are a million travel blogs in the world, but often times I find them a bit… fanciful. I look at their packing lists and think “what magical world do you live in where walking around a foreign city in heels all day isn’t the stupidest idea ever?”, or “you know you’re going to be stopped at airport security if you wear all those bangles, right?”

I like to think I dress pretty nicely, but I’m certainly also practical.

This is what you’ll get with me; honest, practical advice about travel- based on literally a life-time of experience.


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